Populus Genome Database


Due to rapid development of sequencing and genome assembly technologies, the cost for whole genome sequencing has been dropped a lot reaching that 1,000 dollars per 1 Gbp. First genome of Populus (Populus trichocarpa) was published in 2006, as a model tree. One of Korean Populus species, called as Hyunsasi-namu (Mi>Populus alba x Populus tremula var. glandulosa), has been utilized as a material for molecular studies in Korea because this species was already fully adapted and it is sterile. However, there is no sequences of this species. P. tremula genome (http://popgenie.org/) was released recently which is one part of this species. We sequenced the genome of P. alba x P. tremula var. glandulosa with several libraries using Illumina HiSeq platform.

Beside this genome, many genomic/transcriptomic sequences of genus Populus are available: For example, i) reference genome, Populus trichocarpa (Version 3 from JGI), ii) P. tremula, P. tremuloides, and P. tremula x P. tremuloides from http://popgenie.org/, iii) 962 individuals of P. tichocarpa from NCBI, iv) 365,602 EST sequences of the genus Populus. Due to a large amount of these sequence resources, web-based analysis platform is needed to conduct systematic comparative analysis. As an example, http://popgenie.org/ provides genome and transcriptome sequences as well as analysis functions on the web. However, adding another genome sequences is limited for newly sequenced P. alba x P. tremula var. glandulosa genome.